Seomoz come to Lima, Perú. Actually we went to USA, see the video below

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ACTUALIZACION: Hemos reunido todos los esfuerzos de la Comunidad SEOmoz en Lima en la página: Mozcation Lima Participa!

Howdy Rand, Mozzers 

You need to come to Lima, Perú. It´s a perfect moment to meet the small but enthusiastic SEOmoz Community here!

Actually we went to USA. Do you want to see the video? Enjoy a taste of Lima and Perú.

Not exactly to Seatle, but I think you got the idea.

I make a shortlist with reasons to come to Lima, Perú

  1. A community with the spirit of SEOmoz 
    We are  growing and finding our ways to be the best (you can see at the video too)

  2. A big impact for SEO here
    This last years SEO start growing at Lima and with Rand or Mozzers we will develop more the importance of SEO for business. Do you want to make a big impact in SEO for a city or even a country? here you will get it.

  3. Do you love great food?
    Lima is the perfect place to taste new kinds of food. Really I think you will not want to go  after the great food in restaurants and the experience of different tastes.

  4. Do you like Pisco?
    You don´t know what is it? You will love it. Here a video to see more about it (and also about Lima)

  5. Lima is a complete experience
    Words can´t express the feelings. 

Finally, you will hear about us, Lima is the perfect place to start Mozcation.

We wait you at June 29th!

P.D. If you want to know more about our SEO - Search Engine Optimization services you can enter to our website. 

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6 comentarios

Fantastic entry Daniel! We will definitely put Peru on our consideration list.

Oh yes, definitely, let's do Peru! This has "best business expense ever" written all over it. :)

Supporting the Lima nomination, it is relatively just around the corner for us from Ecuador to have the opportunity to see Seomoz (Mozcation there).

There are over 3 million small businesses hoping to gain access to the essentials of SEO. Peru is a good market in all respects. We hope to see you soon in Lima.

I would like that Seomoz (Mozcation) happen in Lima, because the Ecuadorian people like me, would be easiest to visit that country and I'm glad for support the iniciative, all Latin America support this!

"In Zaragoza, we believe that Lima has grown considerably in digital tracks, I know many people there and there are many entrepreneurs, it would be great that SEOMOZ Mozcation go to Lima"

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