Google Analytics Premium: great data processing and exclusive features [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Google announced yesterday the launch of  Google Analytics Premium, a paid service that is a milestone in the analytics world, and had been only on a pilot phase. 

With the introduction of Google Analytics Premium, Google pretends to serve high traffic websites, such as news sites, or online retails, some of which depend on getting quick and accurate data processing to make commercial decisions.  

Besides that major change, the paid version of Google Analytics also brings exclusive new features such as the Attribution Modelling for Multi-Channel Funnels, a tool that will provide fast and exact information to sites with a big number of daily hits. 

 It´s important to point out also the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that Google is offering to the clients of the premium version, which establishes a standard of service quality and support. 

In order to get a better understanding of Google Analytics Premium, Neo Consulting has summarized the most important advantages of this new Google product in the following infographic. 

450 x 1663

550 x 2032

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